Never Clean Your Tank Without First Polishing Your Fuel

So many companies have no scruples. We’ve seen it time after time. A tank cleaner removes the fuel from your tank, cleans it, and shows you the result. The fuel is nice and shiny. You think the job is done, but they put the polished fuel right back into the dirty tank. They leave the customer with an invoice and future problems down the road. These same customers often come to us seeking help.

After an on-site analysis has been conducted, your technician must remove as much fuel as possible from the bottom of your tank. In separate processes, they then need to polish your fuel and thoroughly clean your tank. Only after both are completed to satisfaction can the polished fuel be placed back into the cleaned tank. If that’s not happening, then we hope you’ll give us a call.

For more information, contact Joe Lyons Jr. here.

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