100% Polished Fuel. 

Over the years, we've seen hundreds of thousands of gallons of dirty, contaminated fuel. Much of it Stage 1 oxidized fuel as shown in this photo. But we've never failed to achieve Stage 4 (100%) polished fuel by the time our job was done. We even provide before and after on-site analysis so you can see for yourself.

Fuel Polishing Stages

Fuel Polishing Benefits

Less Maintenance for Lower Costs 

Less wear and tear on your pumps and dispensers means less maintenance time and costs. 

Less Disruption to Your Business 

We work fast so your business remains seamless. Time is money and we want you to make more of it.

Be a Compliant Business

Your customers rely on you for quality fuel. We make sure you keep their vehicles and equipment running.

Fuel Polishing Q&A

What type of fuels do you clean?

Nearly everything. We 100% polish gasolines (regular unleaded, mid-grade, and premium); diesel (on-road and off-road); kerosene; and petroleum-based fuels. 

How will I know that you've really polished my fuel?

One of the first tasks we perform on-site is an analysis of your fuel. This gives us your fuel's situation in one of four stages of contamination. We will never put unpolished fuel back into your tank. You are free to see the on-site results of our report. 

How much will it cost?

We're confident in our affordable pricing and know you'll be pleased with our quote. But let's keep the money talk between us. Contact us and we'll give you a free, no-pressure quote. 

How long will it take to polish my fuel?

We strongly recommending cleaning your tank as well as polishing your fuel. You don't want to put clean fuel into a dirty tank. However, we recognize there are some situations in which only the fuel needs to be polished. In most cases, we'll need about 1-3 hours to polish a tank of fuel. However, we can provide you an accurate estimate once we know number of gallons of fuel to be polished.

How often should my stored fuel be cleaned?

For optimal performance, maintenance -- and the ability to keep your fuel uncontaminated -- we generally recommend that each tank be cleaned once every 2-3 years. Any longer and you run a higher risk of fuel contamination, poor fuel performance, and fewer profits. 

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